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Common signs that raccoons might be on your property include noises on the roof, attic, or chimney as well as signs of droppings, tracks, or feeding.  You will typically see them out at night, especially around food sources.

Raccoons and roof damage

Roof damage is often the result of raccoons searching for a place to nest.  They can cause significant damage by pulling apart vents, soffits, and roofing to get inside. Once they are in, they can damage insulation, wires, and contaminate with feces and urine.

How to help keep raccoons away

Restrict access to food sources

Food sources are among the biggest draws for raccoons, especially garbage cans stored outside.  

Install motion-activated lights

Use sprinklers

Patch up any damaged areas to your roof and secure chimneys with steel caps

(Humane Wildlife Removal)

SERVPRO of Morton Grove/East Niles is available to assist in cleaning up feces/urine damage from critters. We are here to help!

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